The ELSE Siegessäule Reader’s Choice Award
The jury, which is made up of seven selected readers of the Berlin’s leading gay magazine “Siegessäule,” takes into account all films with gay or lesbian content, regardless of which section they are in. The prize is awarded to a feature film. The 2009 Jury: Robby Block, Kathleen Fietz, Artur Kosmala, Lisa Mackenroth, Klaus Möller, Heike Moritz, Karen Wilbrandt.

Presenter’s Announcement for selecting City of Borders by Yun Suh for ELSE Siegessaule Reader’s Choice Award (translated from German):

“Am I fucking the enemy?” is one of the striking questions posed by Yun Suh`s City of Borders. These are the mutual suspicions of a lesbian couple during sex. One is a Palestinian atheist, the other a Jewish Israeli. Topical and nuanced, the film shows the complex and multi-layered nature of queer people’s daily life in Palestine/Israel – attacked, discriminated against and the subject of death threats from religious fundamentalists of all sides. Against this precarious background, we see the protagonists open secret meeting places, march for their rights on the streets and give the camera an intimate glimpse into their daily life. Our Siegessäule Jury was deeply impressed by the bravery displayed by the filmmaker and all the protaganists of City of Borders.

Teddy Awards broadcast on ARTE (French-German TV Network)